Many Rocket League fans may know about the “Fan Rewards” service that is offered. Simply put, all you need to do is link your twitch account to Rocket League and tune into the Rocket League Championship Series live broadcasts every weekend. Now, although the functionality hasn’t been on Switch long, now’s your chance to get some awesome items!

Rocket League has announced today that this weekends stream Fan Rewards will have a 2x drop rate! Login to your linked twitch account & tune in to the streams or leave it open in the background for a chance at some awesome rewards!




NA Regional Championship – 12:00 pm PDT


EU Regional Championship – 9:00 am PDT

How to Link your account on Switch:

Step 1: On the Switch version of Rocket League, go to extras and select the “Link Nintendo Account” in the ‘Extras’ menu

rocket league fan rewards

Step 2: Authorize Rocket League to use your Nintendo Account. Simply follow the prompts on the website and once you’re done it’s onto the final steps for Fan Rewards!


Step 3: Once you’ve authorized your Nintendo Switch account to use Rocket League, head over to the Fan Rewards website and login with your Twitch account.

Step 4: After you login, select the Nintendo Switch as your platform of choice then add your Switch account information to the site.

Rocket League Fan Rewards

Step 5: Once completed, tune in to Rival Series and RLCS broadcasts on to start earning rewards for your Nintendo Switch Rocket League account!

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