Kirby Star Allies Celebration Pictures

Kirby Star Allies Celebration Pictures

*Last Updated on November 30, 2018


Whether you watched a video or two, read a review, or just bit the bullet and picked up Kirby Star Allies, there’s a good chance you know about Celebration Pictures. Illustrations depicting moments and characters from previous titles, which require the collection of Special Picture Pieces and regular Picture Pieces to fill them in.

When Kirby Star Allies first released, the base game started with 8 Celebration Picture, only to then be bumped up to 9 when the first wave of Dream Friends arrived, as part of a Version 2.0.0 update. Fast forward to July, the second wave of Dream Friends released and with it, it brought 3 more Celebration Pictures.

Only, it’s not July anymore, it’s November 30, 2018 and Kirby Star Allies has just sustained its final dose of free content and once again, a further trio of Celebration Pictures have been added and available via the usual means, with a further three pictures requiring players to meet certain conditions. So, while we attempt to earn those pictures for ourselves, here is our dedicated gallery to 15 Celebration Pictures that we have earned so far in Kirby Star Allies:

The First Rival – Toshinao Aoki
A Dream Above the Clouds – kanahei
Super Ultra Battle! – Iack
A Delicious Picnic – Kouichi Ooyama
The Great Labyrinth Battle – Ashura Benimaru Itoh
FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! – Ashura Benimaru Itoh
A Miracle Sent to the Skies – Toshinao Aoki
Robot Memories – Yuji KAIDA
Friends’ Getaway – T.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Crazy Mischief in the Stars – R.F. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Chasing Our Dreams – H.M. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Shadowy Partners – S.O. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
The Shape of a Heart – K.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Rockabilly And Blues – M.Y. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Break Time Breakdown – S.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)


Should any further Celebration Pictures be added to Kirby Star Allies in the coming months, we’ll once again be sure to add include them. Thanks for viewing!


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