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For the Switch owners who have been waiting on some Pokkén Tournament DX news, it has arrived. With the DLC Wave 2 set to drop next week, a whole ton of details and screenshots have been shared by Serebii, which you can see rounded up below:

  • Blastoise’s Burst Attack will cause it to Mega Evolve into Mega Blastoise and then attacks hard. It starts close range but gains distance.
  • Mew uses the move Miracle Power, one unique to this game, which increases Synergy Gauge, and even Attack and Critical Hits.
  • Celebi uses an attack that will cause a Phase Shift, even if the move is blocked.
  • There are new outfits for Nia and the Player. Player outfits are: Blastoise T-Shirt, Rock Guitar Set, Bi-Colour Hair, Glasses and Refreshing Stole.


Also happening next week for Pokkén Tournament DX, is a Special Group Match that will run from March 23 to March 25, titles Gin Destruction. It is a Team Battle competition that will take place in a Fixed Battle Arena. Participation can earn you a special title based on Blastoise, with more titles available the higher you place.

Pokkén Tournament DX Wave 2 DLC Details

Source: Serebii

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