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The Official Japanese Website for Kirby Star Allies is now open for all and provides new information on the game like, story, mini-games and amiibo compatibility.

The story of Kirby Star Allies starts with Planet Pop Star falling into turmoil due to a dark force emanating from far away in the galaxy. A ritual is underway and ominous lights disperse with one of them arriving in Dream Land, known as “Demon Heart.”

A trio of three mysterious individuals known only as the “Three Generals” also come to Planet Pop Star after being ordered and seem to have some connection to the ritual that caused the “Demon Heart” to come crashing into King Dedede’s castle.

The Demon Heart influences King Dedede and Meta Knight. Dedede becomes immensely buff and unstable because of this influence and goes on a rampage on his own castle.

Details on two mini-games are also featured on the website. In one mini-game, players have to swing their Joy-Con side to side to cut down a tree as quickly as they can whilst avoiding caterpillars and spikes. In the second mini-game, you have to charge up a bat and whack a meteorite at just the right moment in order to send it as far as possible.

Amiibo compatibility is supported and any amiibo can be used. By scanning random amiibo, you will get treasure chests that hold items, some of which that can recover health. If you use Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, or Qbby amiibo figures, you will receive even more items.

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