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Welcome to yet another instalment of The Splatfest Bulletin, our regular summary dedicated to sharing the results of the latest and greatest Splatfests! 

With the 7th European Splatfest over (the 6th one being the global one of Action vs Comedy) and the results in, things did not bode well for Marina and her following, as Pearl’s Team Gherk-Out thrashed the competition at every opportunity to snag a one side 3-0 victory. So, to answer the question we had “Can Marina see victory in Europe, when not part of a global Splatfest,” the answer, as always, is “No.” She will however get a chance for redemption when the 7th North American, Australian Splatfest that pits Love against Money, kicks off on the 16th of February, 2018.

Inkoming Splatfest! But what’s the topic, you ask? Well, this time it’s about what’s more important to you: money or love? Is it about the glitz and glamour of cash money? Or would you rather have a heart full of love (even if your wallet is empty)?...

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