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*Update (11/02/18): Official details and photos have started coming in for everything, so the entirely of our coverage has been updated to reflect that.

It’s too soon for another Ammo Knights Weekly instalment, but with a whole ton of news coming in, here’s everything you need to know about Splatoon 2 right now!

Firstly, more 2018 amiibo have been revealed as Splatoon 2’s Marina and Pearl are getting an amiibo each. In North America the 2 will be sold together as a 2-1 pack and cost $24.99. No release date has been mentioned, but we do have a new English trailer to share:

Secondly, a basketball court themed stage has been revealed and so has the Dark Tetra Dualies (comes with Autobomb and Splashdown.) New information has come in regarding both and you can see the full write-up for both, right here:

Our tireless research has resulted in a thrilling discovery! Yes, today we learned that Inklings play basketball! The existence of a new stage, Goby Arena, indicates that Inklings may even play the sport competitively. As you can see, the details of the sport have been fairly well preserved. The arena is complete with a full-size locker room, polished wooden court, concession stands, jumbotron, VIP seating, and memorabilia shop. Furthermore, it appears that the arena is converted into an ink-battle stage during the offseason, and this unique location should make for exciting battles indeed. We suspect that the mid-court area, along with the two basketball hoops on each side of the court, will be a focal point for all battle types. Gaining control of the hoop on your side of the stage will give your team the high ground you need to push forward. We’ll continue to closely monitor this new development and will provide updates in due course.

Our Squid Research colleagues in Japan have just discovered details on a weapon currently in development. The Dark Tetra Dualies feature four ink-ejecting nozzles that allow you to execute up to four dodge rolls in a row! How is that even possible??

Should any further news come along, we’ll be back to provide another update!

Source: @SplatoonNews (Twitter) & Splatoonus (tumblr)

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