My Nintendo Explain Gold Point Coversion Rate

The My Nintendo website has recently revealed that Nintendo Switch rewards will be coming beginning of March this year. The idea is that Gold points will be usable to purchase Nintendo Switch Games.

Now My Nintendo have revealed that gold Points have a conversion Rate of 1 gold point equals 1 cent (European).

Here is the full statement via My Nintendo:

Starting in early March, Gold Points can be used for digital purchases on Nintendo Switch!

Whenever you get a new game, you earn Gold Points worth up to 5% of what you paid. Spend those points on your next digital purchase of any Nintendo Switch game to get it for less…or even for free!

How do I use Gold Points?

You can spend your Gold Points on Nintendo eShop or the Nintendo website when you purchase games or other contents for Nintendo Switch.

1 Gold Point = 1 cent (EUR)

How do I earn Gold Points?

Gold Points are earned with every new game you purchase. How many you get depends on whether you purchased a game digitally, or have it on a game card.

You can earn Gold Points worth the following percentage of the price on Nintendo eShop:

Downloads: 5%

  • Nintendo Switch games and DLC on Nintendo eShop: 5% of the total paid amount
  • Nintendo 3DS games and Wii U games on Nintendo eShop: 5% of the total paid amount
  • Download codes: 5% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of the same content

Game Cards: 1%

  • Nintendo Switch game: 1% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of that game

For example…
If you pay €50 for a game on Nintendo eShop, you’ll receive 250 Gold Points.
Next time, you’ll be able to use those points and save €2.50.

Gold Points are valid for 12 months from when they are earned, and always expire at the end of a month.

Source: My Nintendo


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