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If you’re in Europe and suddenly felt like picking up DragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time this week, you can’t as the game has vanished from the eShop and we know why.

In what is becoming a coming occurrence, every time an age rating changes for a game, the game and its listing is then pulled from the eShop, until the developer/publisher corrects the rating information and submits it and this is exactly the case with what’s going on with DragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time. How do we know that? Well, thanks to Twitter user to Twitter user @PogleWogle for reporting the game missing to us in the first place, we emailed the developer Toydea and were giving the following official statement:

“PEGI changed DragonFangZ’s rating with “Abstract Violence” a few days ago. So, Nintendo eShop EU stopped publishing our ROM until we change the rating information.

We are submitting a new ROM file which is new rating information. And we will re-publish the new ROM next week or after next week.”

So there was a good reason why the listing for DragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time’s disappeared, but the game will be back soon enough, so worry not.



Source: Toydea PR

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