The latest issue of Famitsu is out, it comes packed with details regarding the next round of DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS and thanks to Twitter user @bk2128, the following is an English translation of what we can expect: (Some we know already, and some is entirely new.)



Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Details & New Update:


  • Navarre, Minverva and Linde are the 3 new characters that come with the DLC.
  • New Costumes consist of Bride Caeda, Groom Marth, Swordmaster Line and what appears to be a Bridesmaid’s dress for Tiki.
  • Boken armor costumes consist of Celica, Anna, Lyn, and characters from Shadow Dragon (Navarre, Linde, Minerva, Tiki, Marth and Caeda)
  • Ceada can get an exclusive weapon as part of the Shadow Dragon DLC (it’s theorised by @bk2128 that it could be Wing Spear.)
  • New Weapon skills can switch STR with DEF, and MAG with RES; Raise damage against same gender character but lowers damage against characters of a different gender; and a reverse of the previous skill.
  • Each character will have their own map and they are:
    • Devil Mountain (Navarre)
    • Princess (Minerva)
    • Norda Market (Linde)
  • An update will roll out along with the DLC and is said to do the following things:
    • Level cap is raised 130.
    • Adds new Blessings & Weapon Skills.
    • Allows you to skip confirmations at the Crest Market.
  • DLC and update will release on the 15th of February for Japan.
  • As part of the update, there will be:
    • “Strength/Magic/Skill Blessing: Raise respective stats for all party members.”
    • “Bonds Blessing: Easier for party members to raise bonds.”
    • “Swift Attack Blessing: Raise damage dealt for short time after battle started.”
  • New Weapon skills available to all players include:
  • “Finisher Focus: Easier to deplete Stun Gauge.”
  • “Anti-Air Focus: Raises damage against juggled enemies.”
  • New Weapon skills exclusive to the Shadow Dragon DLC are:
  • “Reverse Attack-Defense: Swaps STR with DEF, & MAG with RES”
  • “Same Gender Advantage: Raises damage against same gender chars but less damage against different gender.”
  • “Different Gender Advantage: Reverse of above skill.”
  • New Warrior Skills:
  • “Minerva’s skill: Iote’s Shield – Negates any damage effectiveness (eg if attacked by Bow)”
  • “Navarre: Solitary – Raises stats if not paired up.”
  • “Linde’s skill is not mentioned yet.”

And now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, it’s time to enjoy the screenshots that have also been shared, enjoy:

 Source: Famitsu via @bk2128 (Twitter)

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