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If you’ve been spending some time on Twitter lately, odds are you might have heard of users by the name of @Marcus_Sellars and @pixelpar.

In recent months, both have been making a number of tweets concerning gaming news for various platforms, with @Marcus_Sellarslatest tweets consisting of FIFA 19 and Madden 19 coming to Switch, and Black Ops 4 being the Call of Duty for 2018. But this rumour focused article is not about @Marcus_Sellars and what he’s had to offer Twitter in the last couple of days, but about @pixelpar. In the past, @pixelpar has posted a gif of a clock saying now, a minute before the January 11th 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini started, He also recently tweeted that Nintendo were reaching out to media to get permission to use quotes from their The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, reviews long before it was revealed the game would join the ranks of a Nintendo Selects title for North America.

It was also @pixelpar in recent weeks who tweeted that Creatures Inc. are working on multiple new Pokémon games, with one being for mobile phones. Only now his latest tweet of Pokémon rumours concern the upcoming Switch game. Among what @pixelpar had to tweet, its stated the new Ultra Beasts seen in Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun, were meant to be in  the Switch game originally, there will be an online mode and that it’s a full 3D experience with hi-res assets. Here’s the full lowdown in their original form: 

Still, without proof, this is not a leak, but rumours, so for now, go right ahead and disbelieve all of it. Should it all prove true though, like a few of the things @pixelpar has got right in the past, we’ll definitely be sure to share some more of what @pixelpar tweets from time to time.



Source: @pixelpar 1 & 2 (Twitter)

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