Developer: X-Stream Digital & Mutan

Publisher: D3Publisher

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Sports, Board Game & Party

Release Date: 25th of January, 2018 (Worldwide)



With Mario Tennis Aces just around the corner, the Tennis bug is in the air and we can all feel it. Tennis for Nintendo Switch came at just the right time to tide us over for the big Nintendo game, and really…it is just enough to get those Tennis juices flowing.


At first glance, Tennis is an adorable little game that you can take with you wherever you go, sit back and enjoy some casual sports game-play. With 5 ways to play, there is plenty of variety to the game to keep you playing.


Playing Modes:

  • Rally – 1 match, you choose your character and computer character
  • Tournament – 2 game, 1 set match. You choose your character, computer character is chosen at random.
  • Custom Play – You can change the options in the settings tab and completely customize your playing experience.
  • Quick Play – enjoy a quick little tennis game
  • 2 Player vs – grab a friend and play against each other

Withing each play mode there are 6 courts to choose from. This is much more than I would expect for an $8 game, so I was quite pleased with all the different play options.


To play Tennis, you have eight different characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.

  • Chris – Your average Joe, even across the board.
  • Ken – Ultimate control and average everywhere else
  • Nicolas – Power House and Control but very low movement
  • Gavin – Power House but average everywhere else
  • Yuan  – Great Movement and Control
  • Wendy  – Power House and great Movement but almost no Spin
  • Monica – Great Power and Spin but average everywhere else
  • Melissa – Great Spin, good Movement and Control but no power

Starting off, I would suggest using Chris or Yuan to get used to the game play, and then test out all the other characters from there. I found myself mostly playing with Yuan and Wendy.


At the beginning of each game, you are the server. Tap A and then A again to start your serve. You don’t really have to move your character as you will automatically move to where you need to go…which really I felt this took away from the game. It made it almost too easy. However, to make up for that, you can control where the ball goes and how you hit it.

Use the L stick to aim the ball, A to hit the ball. If you want to Lob the ball (hit it high in the air), tilt the L stick down and press A when you hit the ball. Once the blue gauge under your player fills up, you can use a Super Shot by either tapping the Super Shot icon or tapping ZR (ZL) + A when you hit the ball. To gain extra points, make sure you hit the ball while it is red and if you hit the ball at just the right moment, you will gain a more powerful shot (marked by a music note!).


Depending on your Tennis abilities and/or how long you play the game, there are different classes you can play to change difficulty: Novice, Amateur and Professional. The game also tracks your play time, TP earned, Achievements, Killer Shots, Max. Rally, Max. Combo and Top Speed. In addition, there are 100 achievements to earn and 10 bonuses to earn, so there is plenty to do in the game.


The graphics of this game are absolutely adorable. Definitely a kid friendly game, but one that will appeal to the casual gamer, also. Characters were easy to control and the visuals ran smoothly. Sound effects and music both felt appropriate to the game and I did not find myself annoyed by it at any point in time.

A major downer for me, apart from not being able to physically move my character during basic game play is that it is relatively easy to anticipate the opponents moves. If you do move up in difficulty, this does change a bit but still remains fairly easy. However, to keep the game challenging, the longer you play in a match, the faster the ball goes, making it harder and harder to keep up with hitting the ball.



This is a relatively simple game of Tennis with adorable graphics and characters. While simple, it is still fairly fun from a casual gaming standpoint. The downfall is your character moves on its own and it is easy to anticipate opponents movements. However, this is a kid friendly and family friendly game, so for the $8 price tag it is a fun game for kids and families to enjoy together.


The Verdict: 5/10


*Review Key provided by D3Publisher



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