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If you, like me, have always aspired to make your own videogames, then you may be interested to know that will be able to learn how easily with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. This application will teach you how to create professional looking games with game assets readily available.

Here is the full Press Release:

FUZE Technologies Ltd is very excited to announce a plethora of renowned pixel artists
have offered their gaming assets to be included with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is an intuitive and incredibly easy to pick-up application for Nintendo Switch, more than powerful enough to create professional looking games that play beautifully. Content is king!


Game assets are all the graphics and sounds required to create great looking games. To help new users and even seasoned pros to get started we’re including tens of thousands of game graphics, audio samples and 3D models across, but not limited to, 2D Platform, Racing, RTS & RPG, Puzzle, Shoot-em-ups and Beat-em up genres. And just in case you run out, you can create your own or even purchase additional game packs directly from the Nintendo e-shop. 

We’re reaching out to budding and accomplished artists who’d like to see the extra publicity. Please do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you. Send a mail to us at contact@fuze.co.uk. If possible send a few examples and if you have anything you’d consider exclusive and very, very good, then we’re open to discussion.

So far, Pixel Art heroes Kenney, Eder Muniz, Ravenmore, DinV Studio and Untied Games have all agreed toallow us to include their content with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. The bundled assets are currently valued at over $150 and this will only rise as more artists submit their work. With FUZE4 Nintendo Switch retailing at less than £30, this represents incredible value for money.

FUZE4Nintendo SwitchUserInterface.png

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch will be available Q2 2018 with additional gaming content to be made available via DLC add on packs. Pricing will be confirmed nearer the launch.
More about FUZE & FUZE4 Nintendo Switch FUZE is first and foremost an educational platform specifically designed to make learning to code as easy and accessible as possible. With FUZE4 Nintendo Switch users can learn, code and play their own games. More than this, they can share with their Nintendo network friends as well as comment and rate their
work. Schools can create their own hubs and even share with other schools.

Source: FUZE Technologies PR

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