Samus Is Back Baby! The Metroid Series has had it’s ups and downs over the last few years with Metroid: Federation Force causing an uproar among fans and giving the famous bounty hunter a cameo role at best! Last Year saw the return of Samus in Metroid: Samus Returns (See what I did there?) and though it was not an orginal game and was rather a remake of a Gameboy title Metroid II: Return Of Samus (Now you can see the reference! Sorry, that was bad even for me), Samus has at last been brought back from a long Hiatus and it seems like she could be making another outing, not including Metroid Prime 4.

A rumour is now going around that there could be another 2D Metroid adventure on the cards as there is apparently another title in development. This rumour has come from comments made be a ResetERA & NeoGAF user mocolostrocolos that says.

“Sup. AFAIK, there’s an unannounced 2D Metroid game on development on a really early production state. Can’t say the studio though, don’t want to jeopardize my source.”

It was also mocolostrocolos who teased the announcement of Metroid: Samus Returns days prior to when Nintendo & Mercury Steam did. As always though, this is still just a rumour and though it would be great news that Nintendo are backing the Metroid series again, it would be wise to take this rumour as it is, a rumour.

Though while on the subject, If this does turn out to be true, It also seems like Nintendo are not directly behind the development of this “new” 2D Metroid Game either, so could we be seeing another Remake or Remaster on the cards, Is Mercury Steam behind this supposed project, as they have a great track record? Do you think it will release on the 3DS or the Switch? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

By Mike Scorpio

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