[Video] Inklings on the Move! Here’s your First Look at the Mobile Splatoon Game that’s Not Done by Nintendo

Nintendo are making games for the 3DS, the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices and because they have yet to give us a Splatoon game smartphones, some Chinese developers have taken it upon themselves to do just that! This is Splatoon Party:

Being an unofficial game that clearly rips off one of Nintendo’s IP’s, it goes without saying some action will be taken against it very soon, but before that happens this is the first look of what a mobile Splatoon game could be like and it’s not even official. So were Nintendo to decide to try something like this, the concept clearly works and if Nintendo like it enough, they could always take over the game as it does desire a Global Publisher, so who better to take it over, spruce it up and make it the mobile Splatoon game we deserve?



Source: UniiiCom (Facebook)


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