[Rumour] Pokemon Switch 2018 Gossip

According to rumours, a chinese localization team have finished translating the script for the upcoming Pokémon Switch game. Other details that have supposedly emerged are that there will no be new Mega Evolutions but Z-moves will return and are supposedly activated by using motion control with the Joy-Cons. Release is expected around late 2018- early 2019 and the new region is to be inspired by Spain or Italy.

There is supposed to be a new simplified battle system which uses a real-time battle style and includes the option to attack or block moves from the opponent and can be selected from a menu. There have also been comparisons to Pokken Tournament in that moves will work in the Rock, Paper, Scissors fashion that will be broken into Attacks, Blocks and Grabs.

This information has come from Twitter User PokeSirena.



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