[Feature] The More you Know about Dr. Coyle (The ARMS Doctor is In!)

With the new Version 5.0 update of ARMS now available, so is a quirky new fighter, named Dr. Coyle and because she’s new, we thought we’d dedicate a post entirely to her. So via videos and bulletin point facts, here’s what we know about the newly revealed Dr. Coyle.




  • Dr. Coyle is the head of the ARMS Lab and runs the Party Crash program.
  • Dr. Coyle created both Hedlok and Helix and experimented on herself.
  • Dr. Coyle’s Special Abilities include:
    • A quick “spurt of Invisibility after guarding.”
    • The ability to “punch, dash, and block while levitating in the air.”
    • An “extra ARM attack that appears after charging.”
  • Playing through Grand Prix on Level 6 or Higher with someone else, will cause a certain Dr. Coyle related event to happen.
  • Dr. Coyle’s stage is [Name Redacted].
  • Dr. Cuyle’s three personal ARMS are:
    • “Lokjaw”
    • “Parabola”
    • “Brrchuk”

For more information on the new fighter, you’re more than welcome to play her for yourself and see her in action, or try out the next Part Crash that will see Master Mummy and Twintelle, go head-to-head. Dr. Coyle does run the program after all!

Source: Nintendo Switch News, ContraNetwork (YouTube) & Nintendo (YouTube)


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