5 New Fighters, 12 New ARMS, 5 New Stages and that’s your Lot for ARMS!

There is an old saying, you can’t have the good without the bad and now that we got the good in the form of a Version 5.0 update for ARMS, the bad news has arrived.

Stated clearly in one of the topic posts on the Japanese Nintendo site, is the fact that as of now, there will be no more content updates for ARMS, which means if we had hopes of more stages and fighters arriving in 2018, those hopes have been dashed. Going forward there will be balance patches and the likes but no new content, so the game we have now, is pretty much the finish product. It would have been nice to see ARMS supported for even longer, as Splatoon on the Wii U received way more post-launch support, but with ARMS having sold less copies than Splatoon did, it is an understandable fact, even if it is a shame.


So with nothing else to come, here is an infographic of the new fighters, ARMS and stages we received since ARMS launched on June 16th 2017, followed by a boss fight video against Dr. Coyle, purely for the sake of sharing it:


Source: Nintendo, Resetera & GameXplain (YouTube)


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