Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds Has Signed on to Voice Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu Movie

I guess we’re all going to have another reason to love actor Ryan Reynolds!

 Image result for Ryan Reynolds Pikachu

After Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton have already been revealed to have landed a role in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, which begins filming in London next month, Hollywood Reporter has now reported that voicing the role of Detective Pikachu, is none other than Ryan Reynolds, aka “he who did a great Deadpool after doing a very bad one.”


Reynolds has signed on for the role and according to some new information, the story of The Detective Pikachu movie is “kicked into gear when Tim Goodman’s (played by Justice Smith,) father is kidnapped, forcing the teen to team up with Pikachu (Reynolds) in order to find him.” And Kaythryn Newton’s Lucy, “a sassy journalist,” helps them on their quest and has a Psyduck for a companion.


Once again, for now this is all we know, but as soon as more comes, we will of course share it, unless it’s news of a sudden Pikachu Deadpool movie. If that happens, we’ll probably bury the news as no one wants that…said no one ever!

Image result for deadpool pikachu png

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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