[Press Release] Star Ghost Launches Worldwide on Nintendo Switch on November 30th

For the gamers looking for some galactic shooting action this month, such a game that provides just that will be out later this month, it has a soundtrack by Snake Pass’ David Wise and you can read all about it right here: 



Rainy Frog announces Star Ghost, one of the gems of the Wii U eShop, launches worldwide for Nintendo Switch on November 30, 2017!:

Blast through waves of enemies as you confront the evil Metagon empire and save the human race!


Title: Star Ghost

Developer: Squarehead Studios / Four Horses

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Genre: Action shooting

Price: $8.99 / 8.99 Euros, 7.99 UK Pounds


A Metagon war fleet has been detected at the outer perimeter. Patrol 12 star systems in the most advanced star fighter ever built. Navigate the perilous fragments of exploding planets, survive intense asteroid fields and dogfight with deadly Sentinel ships as you defend against the relentless onslaught of the formidable Metagon empire.



  • Blast your way through beautiful neon star systems with dynamic level generation for a different experience every time.
  • Fly by simply boosting to gain height while aiming the turret to blast enemies that stream onto the screen.
  • Upgrade your ship with more powerful weapons to wipe out enemy attacks and increase your score multiplier as you aim for the highest scores.
  • Soundtrack by renowned composer, David Wise.

Source: Rainy Frog Games PR




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