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The Feh Channel Broadcast for November 2017 has come and gone and with so much info to sieve through, it’s time for another Miketendo64 Digest!


In typical fashion, we are going to begin this Digest with a video to the entire video so that way if there is anyone reading, who would rather just watch everything instead of reading about it, they can and for the ones who do want to read, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too, but first, here’s the presentation, followed by a written recap of the information shared:

Choose Your Legends Update!:

  • More of the voted Heroes from the Choose Your Legends were revealed and available now in Fire Emblem Heroes as part of a new banner. The Heroes are:
    • Joshua from The Sacred Stones (Placed 18th in men’s bracket)
    • Mia from Path of Radiance (Placed 16th in women’s bracket)
    • Lute from The Sacred Stones (Placed 13th in men’s bracket)
    • Dorcas from Fire Emblem (Placed 12th in men’s bracket)
  • As well as a new banner, there is a new set of Paralogue Maps that will see you battle the 4 newly added heroes labelled as the “Farfetched Heroes.”
  • Joshua can be earned via playing a Tempest Trials that begins on November 20th at 11 PM PT.

Info on the Next Version Update:

  • Staves get a boost! Each and every Hero who uses a uses a staff can learn new skills at 5 stars.
  • Sakura for example can learn: Fear+ and Psychic+ – Absorb+, Slow+, Gravity+, Pain+, Panic+, Candlelight+, Recover+ & more
  • Countdown Trigger: The following is a list of the 18 Special skills that will see a reduced countdown:
    • Attack Skills: Rising Flame, Rising Wind, Rising Thunder, Rising Light, Growing Flame, Growing Wind, Growing Thunder, Growing Light, Blazing Flame, Blazing Wind, Blazing Thunder & Blazing Light.
    • Star Skills: Astra, Night Sky & Glimmer
    • Sun Skills: Daylight, Sol & Noontime.
  • Expanded barracks: For all players of Fire Emblem Heroes, their barracks will be expanded so that they can house another 100 Heroes and even if your Barracks is fully expanded, you will still get the extra 100 slots.
  • Use Less Stamina: Main Story and Paralogue maps that require the use of Stamina will now be capped at 10 when the new update drops.


Weapon Refinery: (New Feature)

  • Weapon Refinery is a place where you can upgrade your Heroes’ Weapon Skills which can be unlocked by clearing the Rite of Blades.
  • By upgrading weapons, things like Defence and HP can be increased.
  • Arena Medals and Refining Stones are required for refining your weapons.
  • Arena Medals can be earned by battling in the Arena.
  • Refining Stones can be earned from Quests and more.
  • Divine Dew: some heroes have special weapons that will require this
  • By using Refining Stones, as well as upgrading weapons, it can also give them Devine Dew


Legendary Hero Summoning Event:

  • 12 Heroes will be available as part of a special Summoning event.
  • 1 is said to be a mysterious from Askrian Legend and among the 11 Heroes, some are returning characters like Easter Camilla.
  • The Legendary Askrian Hero has a Special Ability and is a Female.
  • During the Summing Event, 5 Focus Summoning rate will be at 8%.
  • Non 5 Focus Summoning rate will be at 0%.
  • Event begins on November 27th at 11PM PT.


The Story of Book II:

  • The Story of Fire Emblem Heroes is to be expanded by the addition of a new story, which features the main characters of Fire Emblem Heroes such as Alfonse and Sharena, but also adds more entirely new characters.
  • Book II is the 2nd Chapter of Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • The Main villain this time around is Surtr, Ruler of Flame.
  • New Ally and Main Character is Princess Fjorm. Princess of Ice.
  • New Players of Fire Emblem Heroes will be able to jump right into Book II without having to beat Book I.
  • Fjorm is the Mysterious hero mentioned from the Legendary Hero Summoning Event. Beating Chapter 1 of Book II will guarantee you here as a 5
  • When Book II drops, 2 Chapters will be available, with more added down the line.
  • Veronica is shown to be sided with Surtr and is not the only one as even more new Villaisn have been revealed, but no names was shared.

*End of Presentation Information.


Lastly, a whole bunch of official Book II artwork pictures have been shared and you can see them all right here as part of a slideshow:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you found our Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel (November 2017) Digest helpful!



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