Koishi Komeiji DLC comes to Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle this Week!

For anyone wanting a bit more bite for Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle, than you’re in luck.

Following on from the release on earlier this month Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation 4 and Vita release that took place today, new DLC is available and depending on what platform you have the game on. To those of you who only have the game on Switch, you can expect to unlock a new character, story and BGM, but if you picked up the game for PS4 or Vita, than you can get the content just mentioned, as well as themes and avatars, which you can see in the images below, along with information as to when the DLC becomes available:

Koishi Komeiji DLC:

NA/EU PS4 & PS Vita Release Date: 10/18

NA/EU Switch Release Date: 10/19


3 PS4 Themes:

NA/EU Release Date: 10/18


4 PS Vita Themes:

NA/EU Release Date: 10/18


PS4/PS Vita Avatars:

Avatar Set 1 – NA: 10/24 EU: 10/25

Avatar Set 2 – NA/EU: Late Oct

VR Avatar Set – NA/EU: Early Nov


 Source: NIS America PR


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