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If you had to pick just one thing that was missing from ARMS, hands down that one thing would have to be an achievement system, or just the means to earn even more coins, but don’t worry for such things are on the way.

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A new trailer for ARMS version 3.2 update has gone live on YouTube and while it does indeed show off some very weird stuff going on with Spring Man, it also should a plethora of badges, which can be viewed in the Badge Stash screen, but earning said badges can earn you rewards. Winning your first Grand Prix will earn you 60 coins and using Spring Man for 50 rounds will earn you another 60. (We’re expecting there to be a badge like this with the same coin prize for all of the game’s available fighters.) But there is also a badge with Biff on it that rewards you with 60 coins, provided you have been able to earn 1,000 coins.

Screenshot (592)Screenshot (595)

 While no other unlock details for badges were shown, it does appear that the badges can be used as a logo/marker of sorts for when playing with others online and maybe locally. But that’s not for certain just yet, as new logos could be being added instead, so we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to weigh in and see what they have to say about it. But yes, the Alola region in the Gen 7 Pokémon games may not have badges, but ARMS soon will and if you have not seen it already, you can see the new trailer right here:

 Screenshot (596)

 Source: Nintendo UK (YouTube)

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