[Distribution] Dress to Impress with Pokémon Tournament DX with Special Codes for New Outfits

Its Pokkén Tournament DX launch day and as well as a brief update that consists of adjustments being made “to make for a more pleasant gaming experience” there’s a little something else awaiting players today.


 As one of the things Pokkén Tournament DX does differently, it allows players to input Special Codes for gifts and to celebrate the launch, Nintendo UK has shared 2 sets of codes for all players to download today and while one set of codes consists of a code for male and female Old Leather Jacket Set attire, the other set is for male and female Simple T-shirt set.


Only there’s nothing simple about it as each T-shirt in the set is associated with each of the games available fighters, so they’re actually a pretty nice gift and if you would like to unlock them for yourself, you can do so with the codes seen in the images below, and yes, all 4 can be redeemed regardless of what sex you chose:

But just in case you need a little assistance in how to redeem a Special Code, here’s a quick guide:

  1. On the Ferrum Region map screen, press the X Button to enter the System Menu.
  2. Select the Special Code option.
  3. Enter the code when.


Happy battling!


Source: nintendo.co.uk


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