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It’s that time of week again where yet another weapon has been revealed for Splatoon 2 and this time it concerns a certain Splatling type weapon.

The exact weapon in question is the Heavy Splatling Deco and the very brilliant Squid Research Lab has the following to say about it:

Tonight, the Heavy Splatling Deco will be added to Ammo Knights! The Heavy Splatling Deco has the same stats as the Heavy Splatling, but comes with a snazzy new look. The main difference has to do with its Sub and Special weapons: this set comes with the protective Splash Wall and the fearsome Bubble Blower. Sheldon recommends this set to players who want to weave together solid strategy with fabulous style!

For anyone itching to try out this beauty, players in the Americas will be able to go hands on today, whereas players in the likes of Australia, Europe and Japan, will have to wait until tomorrow, so once again, here’s a list of times and dates you can expect to see the weapon go live:


19:00 PT (September 15th)

22:00 ET (September 15th)

03:00 BST/UTC (September 16th)

04:00 CEST/UTC+1 (September 16th)

11:00 JST (September 16th)

Source: Splatoonus (tumblr)

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