Developer: Fabraz

Publisher: Headup Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Platformer, Arcade, Adventure & Action

Release Date: 3rd of August, 2017 (PAL & NA)


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Ever wanted to play a game where you play as a charming slime creature that is being digested by a gigantic worm, whom it is attempting to escape from? If your answer is yes, then it’s a good thing Slime-san is out now on Nintendo Switch.


Developed by Fabraz and published by Headup Games, Slime-san is a rocking retro twitch-based platformer adventure, in which a swallowed slime (as stated above,) has to escape the worm in which has swallowed him whole, and getting out won’t be easy. Why not? Well in order to escape, the charming Slime needs to slither and slime its way through 5 “worlds” that are made up of 100 platformer based levels, which are also made up of 4 stages, but if you start thinking Slime-san solely consists of 100 levels and 400 rooms, you are sorely mistaken. Slime-san has actually twice that as upon completion there us a New Game+ mode complete with another 100 levels and 400 rooms, packed with puzzles for you to solve and you have to do it pretty fast, because there is a wall of acid coming after you. (You are being digested after all.)


As with any game, the puzzles start of easily enough to solve in seconds, but the further down the wormhole you go, the harder they get and it really isn’t that long before you’ll be pushed to the limit and it’s not even the bad guys you’ll have to worry about. Sure they’ll kill you upon contact, causing you to restart the room, but those red meanies are nowhere near as mean as the traps that await.


But hey, you’re a Slime that can slow time by morphing and passing through things that are the same colour as you and smash blocks so it’s not all bad. Plus with the whole range of content the game has level-wise, even more content awaits as the developer has admitted that the Blackbird’s DLC will also be coming to Switch soon and it will be available for free!


So if free DLC and lots of levels aren’t enough to excite you about Slime-san, then maybe all the other stuff will, as Slime-san is a game that comes packaged with a delightful chiptune soundtrack that consists of more than 20 songs that 14 composers all contributed to. Full and digested apples on each level and other places, such as Slime-san’s home to be collected and then used to purchase things like alternate play styles, outfits, and shaders.


There are also Arcade Coins that can be used in Slumptown to buy mini-games from the Arcade that you and a friend can actually play together. (Yes, Slime-san supports two players, but only when playing the mini-games, which is a shame as co-op play for the main campaign would have been very interesting.)


Still, even if you don’t have to buy anything from the various shops in Slumptown to make the trip worth it, you can just talk to the many different characters with the colourful and whimsical names. Hunt down secrets or just talk a lesson or two from your Master to learn the basic and some advance controls and earn a ton of apples doing a mini-game that is a lot like Smash the Targets from the Super Smash Bros. games and just as enjoyable.


 If you’re still not impressed, Slime-san has smooth controls, an unlockable Boss Rush and Speed Running mode, in addition to the New Game+ I referred to earlier and 25 cut-scenes that are worth checking out when you get them, and a palette that consists of 5 colours that well and truly make this game pop like it’s something else entirely and if your fancy has still yet to be tickled, than there must be something wrong with you, as Slime-san is an absolute labour of love and a top notch game on Switch!



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If you want value for your money, Slime-san has it in spades. It’s clever fast-paced game perfect for speed-running. It’s a content packed game busting at the seams and will most certainly have you keep coming back to it long after you finish your first play through. Sure it may have issues such as framerate drops, but honestly, you hardly notice them and Slime-san is one of those indie games that really is just too good to pass up.





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By Jack Longman

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