Team Mayonnaise Clean up Big Time with Japan’s and North America’s Splatfests!

When the theme of Splatoon 2’s first proper Splatfest was revealed, Mayonnaise vs Kecthup, the news was met with distaste, disdain and the believe that Ketchup would win by a landslide, but that’s really not the case.

In Japan, the final results revealed that Team Mayonnaise won 2-1, beating Team Ketchup on both popularity (56%) and on Solo Battles (51%) but lost to Ketchup by 2%. Whereas for North America, Australia and New Zealand, the final result was the same (2-1 to Mayonnaise,) Ketchup won the popularity contest by 73% but lost both Team and Solo matches.


As for the European results, they have yet to come in, but with the final Splatfest having already drawn to a close, it shouldn’t be too long before the results are in and with Ketchup without a victory so far, it would be interesting to see if Team Mayonnaise can pull off a global hat-trick, or if the European Ketchup lot have what it takes to throw a spanner in the works.

You can do it Ketchup, I believe in you!


Source: @aevanko & @NintendoAmerica (Twitter)


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