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RiME Collector’s Edition Is Spain Exclusive BadLand Games Confirm

With the News about the listing for the RiME Collector’s Edition For Nintendo Switch appearing on Amazon Yesterday which we covered here, we took it upon ourselves to ask our contact at BadLand Games if it will be coming to other regions as well. Unfortunately, the answer is no, The Collector’s Edition for RiME is exclusive to Spain but can be exported to other regions via

Another matter we had cleared up was regards to the listing for the Original Soundtrack CD which the Switch edition only had listed as digital download even though the image shows the CD version. The truth is, the Switch version will come with both as the CE (Collector’s Edition) comes with the physical CD and the Standalone game comes with a digital code which, also comes with the physical game in the CE.

Rime Collector's Edition

As regards to the placeholder date, our contact is informed that it is still slated for a Summer release but they are still none the wiser as to when.

Source: BadLands Games


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