Legendary Birds Now Up For Grabs In Pokémon GO, Articuno & Lugia Up First!

After the fiasco at the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago, Niantic have been working hard to make up for the server problems but they have delivered on what people were most interested in, Legendary Pokémon. All those that attended the event in Chicago will be able to receive Lugia in their Pokémon GO accounts, everyone else around the world will be able to see Lugia appear in Raid Battles within the next 48 hours along with Articuno.


The reason for Articuno to come out alongside Lugia before Moltres & Zapdos was because Team Mystic beat off Team Valor & Instinct in catching the most Pokémon at Pokémon GO Fest. Zapdos & Moltres are still coming and will also “Make their way into the real world soon” says Niantic, so be sure to stay tuned for their next news update.


Just to get you back into the Pokémood, footage has been uploaded to YouTube by user BenTimm1 featuring Lugia & Articuno as the Legendary Raids are now in operation.

Source: Pokémon GO Live & BenTimm1 (YouTube)


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