[Random] Super Mario Odyssey Requires Mario to Wear Certain Outfits to Access Certain Locations

Like fun facts? Then you might like this one!


Revealed during the Nintendo Treehouse of Super Mario Odyssey as part of Nintendo’s Day 2 E3 2017 activities, it was revealed that some locations in Super Mario Odyssey do in fact require Mario to wear certain costumes, in order to go in. One particular instance is the one you can see below involving the Super Mario Maker like costume Mario is wearing:

super mario odyssey

Furthermore Mario will actually need to purchase these special costumes to gain access, and while Gold Coins are plenty, Purple Coins are the required currency to purchase the level-specific costumes and just to make it a little bit harder, Purple Coins are level specific as well, so you will have to collect them all, to buy all the costumes in the game and visit every crevice Odyssey has in store for us.

super mario odyssey

Stay tuned for more!


Source: Polygon


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