Earlier today Nintendo hosted a media event, where certain members of press were invited to try out a couple of upcoming handheld games and try out the new Nintendo 2DS XL, so with plenty of news hitting the net, here’s another Everything article where we take all of the news shared and put it into one place, this place!

First up, for those of you who have no idea what Ever Oasis is, here is both a description taken from the Nintendo press site, plus the new trailer the Big N released today:

“Koichi Ishii of Grezzo is the producer and the director of the game, and character design is done by famed illustrator Yoshinori Shizuma. Ever Oasis takes place in a sprawling desert with the oasis at its heart. Travelers with different wants, needs and wishes will visit the oasis. Players must head into the desert and locate dungeons. Allies with specific weapons and unique skill sets will join and strengthen the team. Items claimed in the desert can be used as materials to craft items to sell at shops in the game, or give to certain travelers. The game is scheduled to launch in 2017.”


And now that you’ve got a good ideas as to just what exactly what Ever Oasis is, here’s every game detail Nintendo World Report had to share after going hands-on with the game:

  • The demo that was played, takes place during the beginning of the game and opens in the main Oasis hub.
  • Main protagonist Tethu, leads a party of three, which can be reorganised.
  • Each of the three characters have their own weak and strong attack available from the outset and Tethu can use a special attack that lets him fire off a tornado at enemies, which is very useful against flying enemies as it can bring them to the ground.
  • Tethu’s tornado ability can be used to sweep piles of sand out of the way.
  • Tethu wields a sword, Miura has a spear and Roto is a healer who throws a ranged boomerang.
  • The more you level up, the more abilities you can learn and use, plus there are combo attacks that can also be learned.
  • Characters are controlled one at a time, but players can switch between them at the press of the button.
  • There is a traveller by the name of Jasper who has lost something, whilst out in the wilds of the desert. Clearing his quest will enable you to have him join your team and has the power to dig, which is handy for discovering buried treasure.
  • There is one character who wields a giant hammer that can be used for a powerful special attack.
  • The desert overworld is filled with enemies for players to fight and there are also dungeons and caves to explore.
  • Ever Oasis features a Day and Night cycle and enemies are tougher at night time.
  • The map on the bottom screen shows what direction you will need to go in to continue with your quest.
  • Large rocks require large weapons to break them.
  • New weapons can be synthesised.
  • Ever Oasis does use Warp points.
  • Visitors can visit your Oasis and building new shops will increase the prosperity of the main hub area.
  • There are characters you can run into who can unlock option side quests, or encourage the character to visit your Oasis.
  • Should a party member fall in battle, you can control another one to try to revive them by mashing the “A” button near their body, but if the whole party falls, you can be revived instantly once. But if every member falls, your game will revert back to where you last saved.
  • With regards to the Caves and dungeons, they house puzzles and secrets that can usually only be accessed by certain characters. For example in one cave, there is a room off to the side of one cave that can only be reached by combining Miura’s power to flip large objects and Roto’s ability to turn into a little ball (Miura sets up a path for Roto to ricochet off, and then Roto bounces around to a side room)


And just in case that’s not enough Ever Oasis news for you, here is two gameplay videos of Ever Oasis action:


* * * * *

For those of who liked everything you have heard and read today, you can add Ever Oasis to your 3DS collection on the 23rd of June when Ever Oasis releases. And for those of you who didn’t, not to worry, there’s always Hey! Pikmin.

Source: GamesSpot Gameplay (YouTube) & IGN (YouTube)


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