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For Teslagrad fans who are also Wii U owners who are looking forwards to World to the West’s May 5th release, I’m sorry to tell you that release is no longer happening.


World to the West is still coming to the Wii U but the release has been pushed back due to Rain Games encountering issues with the console. But Rain Games has found a way to optimise the game’s performance on the Wii U and are now putting it in effect. Sure they could have released it on time with the game in a lesser state and issued a patch to address the state at a later time, but Rain Games has specifically stated that is something they don’t want to do. So for now we are left without a release date, but World to the West is still coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next week.

Just as soon as a release date is made available, we’ll be back to share the good news!


Source: @rain_games (Twitter)

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