In order to promote the characters of their latest IP, Nintendo have released profiles of it’s ARMS Characters on their official Japanese Website. This information includes which team or organization each character represents, age, weight, height as well as personal Likes. These profiles are currently, only in Japanese on the website but StreetsAhead on NeoGAF has translated the profiles as follows:

Spring Man
Belongs To: Spring Gym
Age: 20
Height: 182cm
Weight: 76kg
Likes: Weight training, pizza (can finish 12 in one go)

Ribbon Girl
Belongs To: Ribbon Label
Age: 17
Height: 169cm
Weight: Only as much as her fans think!
Likes: Singing, all her fans!

Belongs To: Rasen Ninja University
Age: 21
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg
Likes: Hiding, reading

Master Mummy
Belongs To: Mummy Hospital
Age: ??
Height: 231cm
Weight: 167kg
Likes: His family (location unknown)

Min Min
Belongs To: Noodle Dining Hall
Age: 18
Height: 167cm
Weight: On a diet
Likes: Ramen made by her mother

Belongs To: Scrap Yard
Age: 15
Height: 234cm (Outside suit: 158cm)
Weight: 545kg (Outside suit: 45kg)
Likes: ARMS fighters (especially Ribbon Girl)


Source: Nintendo Japan

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