[Update] More Adjustments for Breath of the Wild as Version 1.1.2 is Available Now

Following a minor update on the last day of March, Nintendo are back with yet another update for both versions of Breath of the Wild.


Just like before, the patch notes for this new update, only states “Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience,” which is exactly what the patch notes for the last update said as well. Still that’s no reason to get discouraged as the previous update did in fact go on to improve the game in some areas, while some glitchy areas were left exactly as they are, so there’s a good chance these areas are among the things that got adjusted this time around.


But until we know for certain, where the game has been improved and where it hasn’t, this is all we have to report on at this time, but we will be back, most likely sharing a video on what has changed and what remains the same and we will share it just as soon as one is uploaded.


So until then, keep on gaming! 


Source: nintendo.com


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