[Random] Grant Kirkhope Confirms Yooka-Laylee is to Receive a DK Rap of its Own

Given just how bad the DK Rap was, it’s rather amazing quite a lot of people in this world has never seen it/heard of it and if you’re among them, then for the purpose of this article, I will to need you to watch this video:

If you did watch it, I do apologise for putting you through it and if you’ve seen it before, I feel your pain, but it seems the sting of this song is no longer felt, as Grant Kirkhope, one of the composers working on Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee and the man responsible for the DK Rap has confirmed he the upcoming title to have a DK Rap of its own and you can see said confirmation and his statements that followed, here:

The worst thing about all this, is the fact that instead of putting me off, it only has me even more excited about the upcoming game and eager to see/hear the new rap in action and just as soon as it is, you can expect to bear witness to it here at Miketendo64.com Until then, here’s that DK Rap again:

Source: Playtonic Games (YouTube)


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