[Update] New Figures & Balance Patches (Pokémon Duel Version 3.0.5)

To the players of Pokémon Duel, Version 3.0.5 is available to download now and for those of you who have yet to hit update, here is everything you can expect from the update, which includes balance patches which we’re going to get out of the way first:




  • Gains the Magic Trick ability. This ability allows a plate to be reused when Delphox spins a Miss.
  • Hyperspace Hole attack changed name to Flame Kinesis.



  • The power of the Earthquake move increased from 90 to 120



  • The move Slash is replaced with Break Energy, with a power of 70, and a larger wheel size.
  • The Wheel size of Miss is decreased.


There’s also been some bug fixes, two new plates added that focuses on Dark-type Pokémon and Rhyperior. An Orange Time Booster, which is guaranteed to hold Fire and Ground-type Pokémon that “may appear through League Matches until March 14th 2017.” and 6 new figures have been added to Boosters. Heatran and Rhyperior make up the 2 EX figures, Liepard is a Rare figure and Rhydon, Noctowl and Cottonee make up the UC figures.


And now that you know all if that, there’s one more thing you should know, the update is mandatory, so if you wish to continue playing, you have no choice but to hit update and that concludes today’s Pokémon Duel coverage.


Source: Serebii.net


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