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In case you didn’t get the memo, there was a huge Sonic panel at South by Southwest and a ton of stuff was revealed (including the name for Project Sonic 2017,) but before we begin our Project Sonic 2017 coverage, which is to be done via a separate post, this is our Sonic Mania coverage.


Sadly a Spring 2017 release is no longer on the cards as the title has been pushed back to Summer so that the team behind it can spend extra time on it, ensuring it to be the best that it can be, but while that is the biggest take away of what was said, there are just a couple of other things. Things such as new art and a poster that you can see below this paragraph, as well as footage of the Flying Battery Zone that we can expect to encounter in Sonic Mania:

And that concludes the Sonic Mania portion of today’s coverage. Should any more come to light, we’ll of course be back to write about it.


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