At last Project Sonic 2017 has a name and that name is Sonic Forces!


I’m not a huge fan of the name, but at least SEGA did have a bit of style when they revealed it to us. Playing the trailer for Sonic Forces that we saw last year, which played pretty much exactly like it did before, only to then have Sonic Forces appear at the end of it. Although I’m not to show how it will do for Nintendo Switch since it’s releasing in the Holiday period, which is the same time Super Mario Odyssey is to release. (I hope their sales battle won’t affect their next Olympic debut.)


But because the cat is out of the bag and a few things have been revealed during the Sonic panel at SXSW, here’s our round up of what we learned:

  • Sonic Forces is the name of the game. (Obviously.)
  • Sonic Forces will see Heroes and forces of evil fighting it out for control.
  • Shun Nakamura is the Producer for Sonic Mania. (Has previously been involved with other Sonic titles and games like Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure.)
  • Takashi Iizuka (Head of the Sonic Team), calls Forces “an evolution of Sonic colours and Sonic Generations.”
  • Sonic Forces will have plenty of new concepts.
  • Three unique gameplay modes are planned one of which is Modern Sonic and another is Classic Sonic. (Details of the third style will come later on.)
  • SEGA has created a new Sonic Engine they call Hedgehog Engine 2, which is an evolved version of Hedgehog 1, which is being used for Sonic Forces.
  • For Sonic Forces, SEGA has taken a lot of visual elements from their previous Sonic titles and have taken them even further then before. We’re talking Global illumination and physical rendering, as well as new enhancements and mechanics.
  • “Platforming is as important as is the high-speed gameplay of Modern Sonic.”
  • Diffenrt paths and routes will be scattered throughout the levels.
  • Wisps make a return and by the sounds of things, increase Sonic’s boost gauge.
  • Sonic Force’s music is being handled by Tomoya Ohtani.


And because we mentioned music, here’s a clip of the instrumental main theme, by Ohtani, which is said to have vocals added to it sometime in the future, followed by some off-screen Sonic Forces gameplay. Enjoy:

For more Sonic Forces news and updates, as always, you can see it all right here at Miketendo64!


Source: Sonic Panel at SXSW & NinEverything (YouTube)

By Jack Longman

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