Link Rider Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

The Breath of the Wild Amiibo reviews keep coming! Find out if Rider Link is worth your money or not!

When Amiibo first were coming out, I would buy them in bunches on release date.  Any Amiibo, no matter whether I thought it would be common or not, I would get it, because who knew when I would see it again.  More recently, I’ve been buying Amiibo as I review them and not worrying too much about scarcity.  Well it would appear that these new Breath of the Wild Amiibo are selling quite well and several stores I’ve checked near me have sold most or all of their stock.  Nintendo will absolutely be making more but for the short term, it may hard to track these Amiibo down.

Based on my experience, the one Amiibo you are likely to see on shelves right now is Rider Link.  I picked him up a week after release and the stores I have been to seem to have Rider Link and nothing else…

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