[Random] Both Additional Goals for the Prince vs Princess Voting Gauntlet Have Already Been Surpassed

Wow you guys really took it to heart yesterday when we said keep battling didn’t you?


Due to players collectively obtaining a total of 6,089,630,753 points in the first 24 hours of the Voting Gauntlet event, new goals were added to Fire Emblem Heroes’ ongoing event, only now it’s 48 hours from the event first starting and the grand score is now more than double! (Current count is 12,878,138,136 points and the first round is now over, so if your chosen army lost, it’s time to collect your reward for how well you did and pick another army from the remaining 4.)


 So unless additional goals are added, it looks like we’ll all be earning 20 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge and 5000 Universal Crystals, just as soon as the event ends. I don’t know about you, but that’s a sweet enough rewards as it!


But this is no reasons to stop battling, so get back to it Fire Emblem Heroes fans. Let’s see if we can hit 18 billion come tomorrow morning.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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