New World of Nintendo Figures Spotted!

Kuribo shares some breaking news that will make Mario and Splatoon figure fans happy!

If you’re a fan of figures then you might be aware that this weekend is New York Toy Fare which is where many of the biggest figure companies announce new figures.  Jakks Pacific is no different and the collectibles site Entertainment Earth has leaked a picture of new figures coming our way which was fortunately spotted by Reddit user Blastoon_.  While there aren’t necessarily a huge amount of surprises in this image, there is definitely enough to wet your appetite!

world of nintendo 4 inch figure new wave

All of these figures look pretty solid though there is heavy reuse with the Mario and the Bowser Jr. figures.  Could we see a Shadow Mario to go with the Mario Sunshine themed Bowser Jr.?  That would be really exciting.  It is a little disappointing that Inkling girl comes with the same gun as Inkling Boy.  I also am concerned with how Lakitu looks.  The seam in the cloud…

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