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We were tasked with the mission of trading 1 million Pokémon in order to win 2,000/4,000 Festival Coins and we met that goal. We even met the second goal post of 2 million trades, earning ourselves a Friend Ball, which is to be distributed once the event is over, but now we’ve gone beyond even that.

With time still ticking down on the clock, we surpassed 3 million trades and find ourselves surpassing 4 million GTS trades. This does not mean we will get additional Friend Balls (one for every million over 2 million we got,) but it does mean we can pat ourselves on the back and smile gladly when the event ends tomorrow and the results become finalised, but we did it guys, we did it!

We failed the first mission and we failed the second, but we thrashed the third and will be left eagerly awaiting a fourth mission.

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