Nobel Super Mario Cola Gummies Review

Kuribo reviews… gummies!?! Find out if these Mario candies are worth importing from Japan!

What is this a food blog now?!  With Nintendo figures releases slowing down I thought why not take a look at something a little different for this next review?  In Ohio, there is a really big international grocery store I love to visit when I can and I happened to walk past one of my favorite sections (Japanese candy), and I saw Mario gummies.  The gummies were $2 so I figured why not check them out and share my experience eating them!

nobel mario gummiesPackaging – The huge cast of Mario characters on the wrapper looks great (if maybe a bit busy) and is possibly false advertising.  These are Mario gummies but as you will see, there is nowhere near the kind of variety in the gummies as the artwork makes it look like.

nobel mario gummies openContents – So what is inside?  About 15-20 gummies in two flavors: cola and ramune.  There are in…

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