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As far as I am concerned, Hyrule Warriors Legends is my favourite game on the 3DS and it is a game I still play today and now thanks to a Nintendo Everything translation of a Hyrule Warriors Legends interview between Producer Yosuke Hayashi and Nintendo Dream, we can finally know why both Yuga and Ravio were chosen to be the final characters. Below you can find Hayashi’s responses.


Hayashi on why the Final DLC Pack included 2 Characters instead of 1:

“When we were thinking about characters that left a lasting impression on the fans of A Link Between Worlds, Ravio and Yuga ended up as candidates due to being unforgettable even if you only see them once and having unique words and deeds. Even though each additional DLC character had been a single character from a single game up until now, the development team had a hard time deciding between Ravio and Yuga, so it was decided to make both.”


Hayashi on how they Decided on Ravio’s and Yuga’s appropriate Weaponry:

“Ravio is an item salesman, so we aimed to include the fun of using various items skilfully and express the comical side of his character. We decided on Ravio being swayed by a hammer. Yuga seeks beauty to the extent of turning people into pictures and he had a picture frame from the very first time he appeared, so looking back, this image of him was very strong, and we had no other choice than to decide on frames as a weapon.”


Hayashi on Presenting Ravio as a Playable Character:

 “Ravio has the image of being shrouded in mystery. Since he is an item salesman, we aimed to express the idea that he can do anything while also paying attention to his comical side. We were able to put special care into the action of swinging a hammer while also being swayed yourself and using various items, so I hope you’ll have fun with it.”


Hayashi on Utilizing Yuga’s Abilities:

“Yuga’s picture-related abilities certainly left an impression in the original game. We noticed that frames were intermediary whether it was turning people into pictures or transforming into a picture himself. When we thought about how to utilize that in Warriors action, there is of course Yuga entering inside picture frames for movement and attacks, like summoning lightning bolts, flames and even tridents from frames. Furthermore, he is armed with exclusive additional attacks, so we were able to realize really Yuga-like Warriors combat!”


I am disappointed a bit about the fact that instead of getting a Hyrule Warriors 2, Koei Tecmo have their teams working on a Fire Emblem Warriors game, but as long as it is anything like the Hyrule games, it will be a welcome addition to my Nintendo Switch games collection. Can’t hate it if you don’t try it.


Source: Nintendo Dream via Nintendo Everything

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