The Friend Ball is Ours! The Third Global Mission for Sun & Moon is a Roaring Success!

Do you know what’s better than finally achieving a Global Mission for Pokémon Sun & Moon? Achieving the secondary goal and that is exactly what has happened!

Having checked the status of the Global Mission last night, I was delighted to 1.8 million Pokémon had been traded through the GTS, but because eight hours had passed since then, I thought I’d check it out again and we have hit the 2 million GTS trades mark!

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When the event finally ends next week on the 14th it means not only can players win a huge amount of Festival Coins (2,000 to those without a PGL account and 4,000 to those who do), but we also get a Friend Ball and the feeling of satisfaction, knowing not only did we finally accomplish a Global Mission, but we also knocked it out of the park as well, so way to go us!


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  1. Third global mission successful I made about 9 trades. The reward is 4000 festival coins.
    I recieve no friend ball and no rare candy.

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