February 2, 2017 8:37 am Published by 3 Comments

And the first issues are underway.  I present to you 803-0003.

Multiple reports are coming in that this appears to be happening after receiving the 15 orbs during the opening tutorial segment of the game, for both android  and iOS versions of the gameBut since the game has one server, issues such as this are to be expected, and since just Europe and Japan have access, it could get a lot worse once the US release happens.

We’ll keep you posted on any and all developments.

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  • If you get this, do not return to the menu because it will restart the download back to 0%. Instead, spam the retry button until it does not say the message to continue the download.

    • It worked for me. It a pain to keep spamming the retry button but it eventually downloaded. Now its time to put this new app to the test

  • Don’t worry, we got the same support code in France….

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