Fire Emblem Fates (3DS) Review Revisit

Hey everyone, Mr. Panda here with a review revisit of Fire Emblem Fates for Fire Emblem Week! It’s been almost a year since the three Fates games – Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation – came out on Nintendo 3DS. With Fire Emblem Heroes just on the horizon, it’s a great time to see how this title has held up. After a year, I unsurprisingly still love Fates for what it brought to the series. Check out my triple-packed review of all three games!

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A Strategy Epic Worth Playing Thrice

Following the success of Fire Emblem Awakening, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems were poised to make another new installment in the turn-based strategy RPG series.  The question was what direction to take the next game.  They could either continue the more casual-friendly Awakening style of gameplay, or they could bring the series back to its more difficult roots found in its classic titles.  In a stroke of genius, Intelligent Systems came up with creating two full-length games, presenting different gameplay styles and telling two sides of the same story.  They did not stop there, eventually offering a third campaign as DLC intended to finish the story.  The end result is a game spanning three 40-hour journeys, gameplay that appeals to a variety of players, and an experience worth playing thrice.


Fire Emblem is a series that is typically story- and character-driven, and Fates provides…

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