Welcome to the first 2017 instalment of An Ode to Wii U, our interview series, which sees us talking to indie developers to see what they thought of the Wii U.

If you have been paying attention to the series so far, than you’ll know that yesterday we posted an End of the Year piece that contained all the responses we got from the four devs we were able to speak to in a single article. Well although I did hope the series is something I could continue during the first few months of this year, I didn’t expect to be able to continue it so soon after the End of the Year piece. So today answering our three questions we have Philipp Döschl from FDG Entertainment:


The Wii U: “A great idea, but not well Executed:”

Miketendo64: “Most call it a failure and some call it a console they love, but as a gamer, a fan and a developer, what do you think of the Wii U?”

Philipp Döschl: “I’d call it a great idea, but not well executed. I’m a big fan of 2nd screen experiences, companion apps, etc, so this could have been the perfect system for me. Besides this, it had many design flaws, starting with its name. If Nintendo would have been a bit more focused on gamer’s interest, and not only on casuals and pure consumers (which they already milked once with Wii), they could have achieved a lot more. I like Wii U a lot and still have a couple of games to play (such as Wonderful 101 and the Bayonetta games).”

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“Mario Kart 8 is Easily the Best entry in the Series:”

Miketendo64: “Do you have any favourite Wii U gaming memories or a game you just liked to play on it?” 

Philipp Döschl: “Mario Kart is the first that pops in my mind. Easily the best entry in the series since the N64 version for many reasons. Only thing I’ve been missing were the battle arenas. Also, as much as I didn’t like it when it as announced, I surprisingly enjoyed playing Hyrule Warriors. It had a lot of ideas and approaches I surprisingly liked. And then there Captain Toad, which was simply awesome. Period.

Miketendo64: “I was the same with Hyrule Warriors, it turned out to be one of my most played games of 2015, with Legends being my most played game of 2016.”

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“Even though the Wii U might be on its way out, we will still feel its legacy in the Switch and whatever comes after that:”

Miketendo64: “How did you find the Wii U in comparison to its competition and the 3DS?”

Philipp Döschl: “Wii U lacked some important standard features such as a Blu-ray player. The performance wasn’t on par with the rest of its generation’s competitors from Sony and Microsoft which was one of the reasons for developers, middleware devs, publishers and also customers being hesitant on the system. 3DS and Wii U where two totally different systems. That’s why I think it’s the smartest move Nintendo could do to combine mobile and stationary gaming with Switch. I’m really looking forward to this one.


As always, we’d like to take this moment to publically give our thanks, this time to Philipp, who during our interaction did have one other thing to say and that is this:

“Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to develop a game for Wii U, though it would have been nice to work on a Wii U game.”


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