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Super Mario Run has now hit the 50 million downloads benchmark and if you’re an iOS device owner playing the game, they’re inviting you to celebrate the success with them!

All you have to do is log into Super Mario Run, collect the celebratory gift of 10 Rally Tickets and put them to good use. It is not obligatory to actually play Toad Rally 10 times, you can of course opt to save them, but it is a time to celebrate and expanding your Toad collection is one way to do that. Especially since the more Toads you possess, the more extravagant you can get with your Mushroom Kingdom!


And since this is a Super Mario Run piece, here’s the latest video, entitled “Do You Know Mario?” that Nintendo have put together to promote Super Mario Run:

For the sake of repeating something I said in a previous piece, it does indeed suck Android users couldn’t get the game at the same time as iOS users, because they are missing out, but if you are an iOS user and you haven’t played the game yet, well you’re just rubbing the salt in the wound of everyone who can’t play it, so chew on that.


Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube) & Super Mario Run (In-game App Notification)

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