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Good news, the Nintendo Switch is even easier to develop for than previously thought.

Due to Nintendo partnering up with The Khronos Group, they can use Vulkan for the graphics API for the console and yesterday the Nintendo Switch has been has been certified as being a Vulkan 1.0 conformant implementation and it’s been revealed that operating software is credited as being Nintendo OS.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch is “listed as hitting OpenGL 4.5 and OpenGL ES 3.2 conformance.” There are however no word whatsoever of any other Khronos APIs or OpenCl conformance. While the meaning of this may be lost to a small few of you, this is a very good thing as it means even more developers should be able to bring their games over to the console, who previously couldn’t and now take a look at the video below.

That clip is from Doom for PC, Nvidia wanted to show off their GTX 1080 card by running Doom, which is powered by Vulkan API. Vulkan isn’t just some programming interfacee, it’s an incredible programming interface that boasts higher performance, better ability at distributing work among various CPU cored, and better CPU usage.  Meaning faster frames and less strain and the Nintendo Switch supports it. Exciting days await!


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