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*UPDATE (19/12/16): Sensor Tower’s recent findings reveal a different set of numbers compared to App Annie’s. According to Sensor Tower, Super Mario Run has only been downloaded over 25 million times in 4 days, but has made a total of $21 dollars in revenue. Fun fact about the 25 million downloads thing though, it took Pokémon GO 11 days to hit 25 million downloads. Super Mario Run done it in four. Granted the new Mario game released simultaneously in multiple countries all at once, compared to Pokémon GO’s gradual release, it’s still an impressive feat nonetheless.


Within the first 24 hours, Super Mario Run was reported as having reach 5 million downloads and now a new report by App Annie tells a different story.

According to the article based on the report, in the first 72 hours since it launched, Super Mario Run was downloaded 37,256,946 times. 11,052,106 of those downloads come from gamers in the US, whereas only 1,991,086 gamers in the UK opted to download the app.


It is said that during the first three days, the average play time was 5 minutes and 35 seconds and that the game was played 2.4 times a day, resulting in a total average of 13 minutes and 12 seconds of gameplay a day. Statistics have also shown that those who played the new Mario title on an iPad, played for longer than those with an iPhone. (Average play time on an iPad is reported to be 14 minutes and ten seconds a day compared to the 12 minutes and 14 seconds of average play time on an iPhone).

Interestingly enough though, despite the reports that Super Mario Run achieved 5 million downloads in a single day, App Annie actually previously reported the number of downloads was over 10 million and that it had generated $4 million in revenue.



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